Berocca Boost 10 Effervescent Tablets


Berocca Boost 10 Effervescent Tablets contains B-vitamins, minerals and guarana for the ultimate energy boost. Not only does it taste great but it gives you that extra kick when tackling the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

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Bayer Berocca Boost 10 Tablets Effervescent

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NRV = Nutrient Reference Value.*=NRV not determined.Preservative freeSweetener: aspartame* & acesulfame potassium.Colourant: red beet juice.Tel: (011) 921 hard and playing hard means constantly balancing your fast-paced life. When you’ve got a whole lot of decisions to make about you and your future – Berocca® boost can help.So if you want to make headway fast and take advantage of every opportunity life throws your way, take Berocca® Boost.What is Berocca® boost?Berocca® Boost is the fuel you need to help you get charged up and squeeze the most action out of every day.Berocca® boost tastes great and is pharmaceutically designed to be taken when you want a kick. How does Berocca® boost work?Berocca® boost contains a kick of Guarana, an energiser, which is quickly absorbed by your body.Guarana works in synergy with a combination of B vitamins and minerals.

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