EUFOL-PLUS (30 tablets)


EUFOL-PLUS Dietary supplement, promotes the welfare of the mother and the development delnascituro. Folic acid The folic acid is indicated for the prevention of certain birth defects, it decreases the risk of neural tube defects and, perhaps, other malformazionicongenite.

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The food supplement Eufol-Plus (30 blistered tablets) has been specifically studied to supply the right dose of iron in pregnancy, for the well-being of the mother and the future child.

The product contains iron bysglycinate, a form of iron with a great bioavailability and high gastrointestinal tolerability.

Eufol-Plus contains also a supplementation of Vitamin C (which promotes the assimilation of iron) and Vitamins of Group B (which contribute to the process of developments of cells during pregnancy, lactation and growing age)

The Mar-Farma Milano best-seller in the Middle East area, approved and recommended by gynecologists and obstetricians


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