HealthAid CoQ10 120mg


  • CoQ10 120mg capsules may be of benefit to
  • Executives and directors leading busy stressful lives
  • Those who feel weak and want an energy boost
  • People using cholesterol lowering drugs
  • People who want to improve athletic performance
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Co-Q-10 120mg capsules, Coenzyme Q10 is also known as ubiquinone and is utilised by tiny mitochondria found in the body cells to help release energy from food that is eaten. The heart and nervous system utilise a tremendous amount of energy to function efficiently and hence the cells in this region would require vast amounts of Co-Q-10. Co-Q-10 120mg capsules are specially formulated with a very high amount of ubiquinone suspended in oil and encapsulated in a soft gelatine capsule to maintain purity and potency for rapid absorption and efficacy.


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