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Nitrotech Nighttime contains an advanced formula of 100% micellar whey that was designed by MuscleTech. Nitrotech Nighttime is a food product that achieves sustained release of amino acids at night and rest period. This formula also contains zero casein, achieving the ultra-anabolic effect of proteins.

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Nitrotech Nighttime from MuscleTech with micellar casein achieves a constant release of the amino acids in the blood, being perfect for athletes for its action of prolonged-duration anti-catabolic protein.

Nitrotech Nighttime from MuscleTech contains superior nighttime protein of 100% micellar whey, achieving an effective action of sustained release of the amino acids. MuscleTech has created this formula to act during the night. According to different scientific studies it has been proven that this superior design helps the muscles in the process of recovery and growth. It is ideal to consume before the rest, at night. Nitrotech Nighttime contains zero casein, with 100% micellar whey, which is a new protein that combines the ultra-anabolic properties of whey protein with the qualities of sustained release that casein has, forming an anabolic situation perfect for the growth of muscle tissue.

Nitrotech Nighttime from MuscleTech provides protein that acts on the body at night and is specially designed to improve the recovery of muscles and stimulate growth while you sleep.

Micellar casein is an extremely slowly digested and yet rich protein that continues to nourish muscles even after the reduction of the level of amino acids delivered by whey proteins. Various studies performed with this undenatured form of isolated casein protein demonstrate that it maintains a sustained rise in amino acids over a period of up to seven hours. In addition, it provides a potent anti-catabolic effect, a process not observed with the whey proteins of rapid digestion. In comparison, it stimulates a net overall positive protein balance.

Although whey protein increases protein synthesis at a very high level, even higher than casein, scientists have found that micellar casein plays a role of importance for muscle catabolic prevention. The slow and continuous release of amino acids from micellar casein also causes the sustained release of amino acids in the blood for up to seven hours after the ingestion of Nitrotech Nighttime from MuscleTech.

Undenatured micellar casein is the natural form of milk casein, which is separated by an ultrafiltration process, without the use of chemicals, increasing the number of bioactive milk peptides involved in immune function, and the development of muscles.

Nitrotech Nighttime from MuscleTech contains micellar whey, cocoa, delicious natural flavors, salt and soy or sunflower lecithin. It is a product that is made in a facility that also processes eggs, fish, nuts and wheat.

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