Olbas for Children inhalant decongestant oil for the relief of children’s blocked noses.


Olbas for Children is a gentle, yet effective decongestant specially formulated for children and infants from 3 months. The mixture of pure plant oils release vapours to help relieve nasal congestion and restore easy breathing. Useful for colds, flu, catarrh, blocked sinuses and hayfever.

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Olbas Oil 10ml is for use in children to help relieve nasal congestion, ideal for children and infants over 3 months old.

A combination of decongestant oils which release vapours that help to relieve the symptoms of nasal congestion. Containing pure plant oils to relieve congestion, blocked sinuses and hayfever symptoms.


Children from three months to two years: Sprinkle four drops onto a handkerchief. Place near child but out of reach.
Children over 2 years: Sprinkle eight to twelve drops onto a tissue or into a pint of hot water and inhale vapours. At night , squeeze capsule contents onto bedding.


Cajuput oil 4.625% w/w, Clove oil 0.025%w/w, Dementholised Mint Oil 8.863% w/w, Eucalyptus Oil 8.863%w/w, Juniper Berry oil 0.675w/w %, Levomenthol 1.025%w/w and Methyl Salicylate 0.925%w/w.


Not suitable for children under three months. Avoid contact with the skin or eyes.


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