Tampax Compak Super Plus Tampons Applicator 18X Features Tampax Compak Tampons offer protection and discretion during
your period Retractable plastic applicator for easy tampon insertion Full size protection in a compact format Absorption
channels that pull liquid inside the tampon Added leakage protection with Protective Skirt, helps prevent leaks before
they happen Colourful purse resistant wrappers for on the go discretion Warnings or Restrictions Tampons are associated
with a rare but serious illness, Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS). TSS is a rare but serious illness that may be fatal.

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Tampax Compak Super Plus tampons offer protection and discretion for heavy flow days during your period. They are free from fragrances and dyes. Tampax Compak tampons come with a compact and discreet plastic applicator and a rounded tip for comfortable insertion. With absorption channels to absorb directly to the core and a protective skirt to help prevent leaks for a worry free period. Tampax Compak tampons have been gynaecologically tested. They have also been independently tested for harmful substances by Oeko-Tex. Trusted leak free protection to let you do whatever you like. Tampax Compak’s best tampons for heavy flow absorbency.


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