• Tampax Super tampons with cardboard applicator help you feel clean and confident. Tampax tampons have an absorbent core and a protective skirt for additional back-up protection, while their cardboard applicator features an anti-slip grip for easy insertion. Tampax Super tampons with cardboard applicator are for medium to heavy flow days during your period. Feel clean and confident.
  • Try Tampax Pearl Compak, our best protection across the Tampax line up.
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Tampax Regular Tampons with Applicator provides up to 8 hours of clean feeling.

Tampax is a top quality tampon because every detail is designed with you in mind! From the easy to open flushable wrapper to the secure string for removal.

Tampax Super Medium tampons provides approximately 11g absorbency, suitable for medium flows. With anti-slip grip for easy insertion and an anti-leak protective skirt, Tampax provides up to 8 hours of clean feeling.

The Tampax Clean System:

– Protection Skirt.

– Anti-Slip Grip.

– Rounded Applicator Tip.

Suitable For: Medium Flow


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